By signing below, I agree to the following terms:

1.             I have received and reviewed the Information Security Policy (reference is policy 43.16)and a summary of the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act.  I acknowledge these apply to me as an employee or volunteer of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.

2.             I understand and agree that any computers, software, and storage media provided to me by the agency contains proprietary and confidential information about Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan and its customers or its vendors, and that this is and remains the property of the agency at all times.

3.             I agree that I shall not copy, duplicate (except for backup purposes as part of my job here at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan), otherwise disclose or allow anyone else to copy or duplicate any of this information or software.

4.             I understand that while using agency owned and operated technology, there is no right or reasonable expectation of personal privacy.

5.             I agree that while using a computer/device that is not owned or managed by Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, that I shall not download, save, or store documents or data containing Protected Health Information onto that computer.

6.             I understand that Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan has the ability to capture, store, and review all correspondence and usage performed by me on an agency-owned and/or operated device or network.

7.             I agree that if I leave Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan for any reason, I shall immediately return to the agency the original and copies of any and all software, computer materials, data or computer equipment that I may have received from the agency that is either in my possession or otherwise directly or indirectly under my control.

8.             If I think there has been a breach of information security, I will immediately inform my supervisor or the Privacy and Security Officer.