Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan

Staff Confidentiality Agreement

 The purpose of this agreement is to help employees understand their duty regarding confidential information.  Confidential information includes, client/family/caregiver information (including protected health information), employee information (compensation, benefits, employment records, disciplinary action, etc), Agency proprietary information (financial and statistical records, internal reports, proprietary computer programs, memos and contracts, strategic plans, etc) and proprietary third-party information (vendor information).

 As a staff member of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, I understand and agree as follows:

 A.     I will seek access only to data and information necessary to meet the purposes of my employment or service.

 B.     I understand that client/family/caregiver and other confidential information are considered private and confidential, whether obtained through verbal, written or computer access.  I understand that such information must be maintained in the strictest confidence.  I will not release that information unless such release is specifically authorized according to Hospice Confidentiality Policy and Procedures.

 C.     I understand that confidential information is to be maintained in a safe secure place and that disposal of confidential information is done in accordance with state and federal guidelines and Agency document destruction policies and procedures.

 D.     I understand that staff assigned computer passwords are responsible for the security of their passwords.  No one is allowed to use another person's computer password.

 E.      I will report any activities by an individual or entity that is suspect of compromising the confidentiality of protected information.

 F.      I further agree that if any person or entity requests or subpoenas or otherwise attempts to obtain confidential information, I will notify management immediately and will cooperate fully as instructed.

 G.     I will upon request or upon termination, deliver/surrender all Agency and confidential information that is in my possession to the Agency.

 H.     I understand that intentional or involuntary violation of Hospice's Confidential Policy and Procedures may result in termination of my employment, volunteer services or service agreement.  In addition, Hospice reserves the right to seek injunctive and financial relief from any present or former employee who violates this agreement.

 I have read Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan's confidentiality policies and understand and agree to abide by the policies described herein.