1.   I will respect the client’s property and right to privacy, informed consent, confidentiality, and safety at all times.

2.   I will conform to the requirements of professional dignity in my conduct and attire.

3.   I will not exceed the privileges granted to me in my role as personnel/volunteer.

4.   I will not exert any pressure on other staff, or clients on behalf of a political, religious, cultural, or charitable organization.

5.   I will place the welfare of my clients and their families in matters affecting them above all other concerns.

6.   I will deliver kind and humane treatment to all in my care regardless of race, creed, age, or sexual orientation.

7.   I will not deliberately do harm to a client, either physically or psychologically.  I will not verbally assault, ridicule, attempt to subjugate or endanger a client, nor will I allow other clients, or volunteers to do so.

8.   I will not attempt to use my authority over a client in a coercive manner to meet my own needs.  I will not promote dependence on me, but will help clients to empower themselves.

9.   I will not allow my private interests to conflict with the interests of my clients.

10. I will represent Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan in an accurate and truthful manner, describing only care and services that Hospice is capable of providing either directly or through written contracts.

11. As paid personnel, I will follow all policies and procedures of Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan, including policies relating to appropriate admitting/transferring/discharging of clients, billing and personnel policies.

12. I will remain aware of my own skills and limitations.  Since clients and former clients may perceive me as an authority and hence overvalue my opinions, I will attempt never to counsel or advise them on matters not within my area of expertise.  I will be willing to recognize when it is in the best interest of my clients to release or refer them to another program or individual.

13. I will not engage in any activity that could be construed as exploitation of clients for personal gain, be it sexual, or financial.

14. I recognize my obligation to Agency, and myself to report to my supervisor any questionable conduct of any personnel or volunteer, or any case of gross negligence, unethical or professional incompetence.

15. I will not engage in any activities that pose a conflict of interest.

16. I have provided documentation of any outside employment.

17. I understand that my Username and Password assigned to me is confidential.  I will not disclose my Username or Password to another person or permit another person to use it.  I further understand that I will not utilize another user’s name or password.


      My signature below indicates that I have been informed of the Standards of Conduct/Ethical Behavior and I am aware that failure to follow these Standards will result in disciplinary action, which may include termination of my employment/volunteer status at Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan.